recipes From the road trip kitchen.

over the years, growing, harvesting and preparing healthy food got a big a passion for us. Working in the garden or the kitchen is one of the activities that I do to reset. Cooking allows us to be creative and at the same time gives a feeling of groundedness. 

A good breakfast, lunch or dinner is one of the best treats you can do to yourself and others, isn't it? 

Congratulations! we have a (30 years old!) motorhome where the oven still works! On this trip I wanted a proper "kitchen" and there we go! I was lucky!


I equipped my road trip kitchen with a Vitamix Blender. A bit crazy, I know but I wouldn't like to go without a good blender anymore as it allows you to do a variety of home made food at such a good quality.

Tobi then came up with the idea to built a second solar panel upon the roof of the motorhome to have enough power to run the potent blender. And then we got us one. A little deluxe, eh? An affordable dream that we allowed ourselves to fulfill. 


The recipes here make an important part of our road trip kitchen in our motorhome.

Simple & healthy stuff! 



Canada, eh?