Car insurance in Ontario

The main difference between British Columbia, where you will find just one insurance company ICBC and Ontario is, that you will find tons of insurance companies from which you should figure out the cheapest one. In general Ontario is known as the most expensive Canadian province according car insurance. Even with experienced driving record (Letter of Experience) you pay up to 2000 CAD a year.



Most of the insurance companies, like RBC Insurance, just insure permanent residents. In contrast to Dejardins doesn`t care and offers the best quotes in our opinion. Also positive, you have to change your foreign driving license only within three months and you can also register your partner as a second driver.



Choose make and model of your car wisely. We recognized huge differences. Especially motorhomes like our 1984 Ford E350 are incredible cheap to insure in comparison to a van for example. We actually pay 420 CAD a year for a 2 Mio CAD liability in Ontario. For our van in 2016 we paid about 450 CAD for just three months. Keep also in mind that you won`t need an "Appraisal" for old motorhomes because of an exception in Ontario.