About US

We are on a lifetime journey through nature and music togehter with our daughter and our dog Bella. That is why we found WOODOSOUNDS.


Diana has a Master in political science and ethnology. She is a talented musician, yoga teacher and mother. Travelling the world is her passion. Recently Diana is excited to learn more about Aryuveda.

Tobi studied Forest Management and worked almost 10years in Wildlifemanagement and Sustainable Forest Management in Germany. He is into permaculture, eco-construction and sustainable living.


In August 2018 our little daugther Zoey joined us on our journey and we are sooo happy about that.


With us is also Bella our little dog. Bella is crazy about her toys and water in general. She loves to swim in the ocean and to cuddle with us in the bed.


Please contact us if you like to learn more about us and our Woodosounds project: info@woodosounds.org


Canada, eh?